J. Nicolle Style House

BIO -J. Nicolle

Hello & welcome to J. Nicolle's Style House!

I'm J. Nicolle, the traveling Fashion Stylist! 

I create and style looks for the fierce, fly & fab.

 I help relinquish time for all women professionals in the limelight.


I ventured into the world of fashion as a stylist and fashion coordinator with Taglines clothing in 2016  styling for fashion shows,  photo shoots, as well as coordinating for them. Prior to Taglines, in my college years, I studied Fashion Design & Marketing and earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, while also interning for the likes of Dallas Austin’s Rowdy clothing line and House of Felani.

In 2016,  I began to build my own brand,  J. Nicolle’s Style House.  J. Nicolle's Style House is fashion stylist and fashion coordinator company that styles for the likes of all professional women from the likes of;    the everyday woman, mompreneurs, actors, music artists, models, fashion runway shows, editorial shoots and video shoots . 

Whatever your style needs, J. Nicolle’s Style House will get you Stylin’ Fierce, Fly & Fab!

To date I have coordinated with designers and photographers styling for a variety of projects, including a magazine cover for Camil Reign-C.R.E.A.M Magazine, working with the likes of James Penn Photography, Woodward Photography and coordinating Fashion Showcases & Power shoots for “I Love Fashion” designer C. Denim. Along with my background in design, I plan to expand into  the fashion industry not only as a stylist, but also as designer.

I enjoy classic, sophisticated comfortable, unique styles, high fashion and working with other creatives combining my styling skills with that of the designers, hairstylist,  MUA's , photographers and other fashion industry creatives.

My passion for fashion is what fuels me. I believe it’s important to pursue what you love and never let anything deter you from what you’re passionate about.

I am always ecstatic to collaborate with creative minded individuals. Lets's collab! 

Stylin’ Fierce, Fly & Fab!